Close up

I read a great article by DPS (Digital Photography School) about experimenting about taking shots of water droplets and how to get the best shots possible - this was a lot harder than I thought but I gave it my best shot. The only issue I had was my flash was on the hot shoe and not remote so probably not as good as I would have liked but still pleased with the result. Thanks DPS great article. 


Hi all - just went to a local park to take a few shots of the colourful flowers on the trees and managed to get this photo of a beautiful lorikeet eating the nectar - just got the shot as he was looking directly into my camera. The shot was taken with a 70-200mm F2.8L II with a 2X convertor - almost 400mm - amazing quality - check out close encounters to see an even more detailed shot :)

Canon 5DS R

Hi All - Just received my Canon 5DS R and so went to my local beach to test it out (see below for a couple of shots) -  First thoughts are amazing. Massive difference in quality compared to my previous 5D Mk II. A lot of the functions are the same but there are some major differences in my view, for example, cropped view, mirror / shutter delay and the quietness of the shutter. The camera back  display is a massive improvement and the option of customising your own settings is a huge benefit. I have seen reviews stating its low ISO, FPS and lack of improved video but this camera along with the 5DS are not meant to be a high FPS sports camera or low light / video camera. I have only used my Mk II a few times for video so I am more than happy with my purchase. Well done Canon :)

Lightroom CC

Just in case any of you haven`t seen Lightroom CC - its worth downloading it if you are a member of the Creative Cloud. 2 major feature in my view are edit photo - merge Panorama and merge in HDR. 2 awesome features that are available in Photoshop but now you can merge in Lightroom without having to open in Photoshop - well done Adobe.